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Selasa, 20 Desember 2011

Snowmen on my nails

Hello! Today I was busy with many things. The student's progress reports..also with the nail art! Ehehe, because it's almost Christmas and I want to be looked different...So my friends and I finally decided to do nail art for our nails. It's actually my 1st time. I usually just use a usual nail polish. But this nail art needs some skills and creativity. Thanks to Sen2 and Berken's mom. She made our nails sooo pretty! hihi. We're ready to celebrate the X'Mas ^_^


Senin, 19 Desember 2011

Traveling books

Last month I bought some nice traveling books, with nice prices too ^_^. I know a bookstore which always gives discounts for any kind of books! Hihi, so lucky! But why traveling books? Because I love traveling!!! I love the adventure! ehehe. I would like to travel more in the future...So far I've been to Singapore only, and the rests are some nice places in Indonesia. What I always like when I visit a new place is the atmosphere! It's a bit hard to explain, but it gives me a new spirit to continue enjoying this life.
Overall, all the books I've bought have inspired me a lot!!! Thanks to the writers, the real Indonesian backpackers. You all have opened my eyes to see how life could change when you have just a little 'courage' to make it come true. Nothing is impossible. So, live your dream! ^_^

 Scandinavian Explorer, by Asanti Astari

I have to admit that I really love this book. The writer went to 3 Scandinavian countries : Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Yup, she went to countries which are well known as 'expensive countries'. But she could survive and she gave some nice tips about how to start it, what to do, what to buy or not to buy..Inspite of that, the landscapes of these 3 amazing countries are really fantastic, even from the pictures I can see it clearly. I could imagine how it looks like in real, it must be outstanding!!! And also note, FRESH AIR!! We all need it ^^
I also love the way she wrote, it made me curious to continue reading to the next page, she really has a good sense of humour!! It's very an interesting book! Must read ! ^_^

Rp. 2,5 Juta Keliling Jepang, by Claudia Kunang

Claudia Kaunang is one of my favorite backpacker. 
She has been to many Asian countries and quite experienced. She wrote a lot of books and I'd like to read more! This one is the 2nd book which I've read.  Japan...is always my dream, after Europe, ehehe. 

It must be nice to travel with low budget! She gave some nice tips, especially for the low fares, nice hostels, yummy foods, etc. Japan is well known as the most expensive country in Asia, so there are things to be considered as a 'priority', since there are soooo many cute stuffs all around the country. This book is really inspired me to travel around Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. I hope soon! ^^ 

Panduan Hemat Keliling Amsterdam, Brussel, Paris, Luxemburg, & Trier, by Sari Musdar

This book is quite informative, it also offers nice tips for Indonesian backpackers, as we all always hope for the 'low price'. There is a city which is not so familiar, it's Trier. But now I know ^_^. The part I like the most is Amsterdam. Yesss, Holland is one of my favorite country that I'd like to visit, after Italy of course. hehe.

Ciao Italia!,  by Gama Marjono

 Italia...my biggest dream! ^^ Hehe. I adore the landscapes, culture, buildings, the people... I also found the language sounds beautiful!!  I love the Italian foods! Pasta!! Gelato!! ^_^ Gama is one of the Italian admirer too, he is deeply in love with Italy and share his experiences about living and studying in that lovely country. I'm still reading this book because lately I don't have much spare time to read but it's getting interesting! I really enjoy reading it, I think I'll finish it in a few days ahead. I often wonder, is this a book of jokes? This book could make me laugh so loud! Hahaha, yes, 
believe me. He is smart in describing things around him. It's very entertaining and informative. Brava!!

Travelicious Yogya and Solo, by Ariyanto

Actually I bought this book because I'm planning to visit to Yogyakarta this Christmas holiday. Yes, of course backpacking! Hihi ^_^ Yogyakarta is a special province, located near Central Java. Well, this book is pretty complete in giving information about some places that I would like to visit, including the bus schedule, places to stay, local foods, tourist attractions, etc. I'll bring this book with me on Thursday, December 22nd! Yes, on Thursday I'll be heading to Yogyakarta by night train, with a friend. Then after a few days in Yogya, we also want to visit Solo. We are so excited but also a bit worried, because we are only 2 girls and we usually go backpacking with 4 friends or more. But we hope for the best and could have fun there. Wish us luck! ^^

Monday oh Monday

Ciaooo! It's raining outside. Luckily, now I'm at home. ^_^ Lately the weather is so strange. It's really hot before the rain falls. Today  I was so busy at work, preparing for the Report Day on Thursday! And the reports have to be written in cursive. I rarely use it in my daily life. Even for snailmailing, I never use it for writing postcards and letters. But when it comes the Report Day, cursive plays an important role. And everytime I write in cursive, it always reminds me of my old times as a student, hehehe.

Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

My new blog

Finally I have my own blog. ^_^ I always wanted to have one but never got the mood to make it. After talking with my Danish pal, JØrgen, I was inspired to make it. Thanks to him!!! Hehehe.
It's pretty late here and tomorrow I have to get back to work.
Ohhh I can't wait for the Christmas and New Year holiday. It's gonna be a looooong holiday. Yippie ^_^
Buonanotte! Godnat!